Path of Celestial Blue: Discovering the Magical River

Immerse yourself in a unique experience as you explore the Rio Celeste Trail within Tenorio National Park. This three-hour guided hike takes you through the lush tropical rainforest, where you’ll uncover the magical phenomenon of the Rio Celeste.


From the trail’s outset, you’ll venture into a vibrant, teeming jungle teeming with diverse flora and fauna. The path leads you on a captivating journey to the astonishing Rio Celeste, whose celestial blue hue will leave you breathless. The wonderful color of the water is the result of unique natural phenomena that are truly impressive to witness.

Throughout the hike, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at an imposing waterfall and cross hanging bridges offering spectacular panoramic views. Excitement intertwines with serenity as you immerse yourself in this stunning natural environment.

Yet, the experience isn’t confined to just awe-inspiring landscapes. Tenorio National Park hosts a surprising variety of wildlife. From snakes and reptiles to multicolored butterflies, each step reveals a new surprise in the form of fascinating creatures.

This hike is an opportunity to explore the untamed beauty of nature and discover the magic that resides in the heart of Costa Rica. An experience that captivates the senses and leaves indelible memories with every visitor.

Rio Celeste hike and Waterfall