Rio Celeste Tours, Costa Rica

Rio Celeste Costa Rica: Tubing Tour and Waterfall Blue River

We offer tours in Rio Celeste Costa Rica we guarantee that your vacation in Costa Rica will be unforgettable. At Rio Celeste Aventuras we strive to provide one of the best activities for each of our visitors. Safety, adventures, the best local guides, beautiful views, hospitality and experiences. 


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Aquatic Tubing Tour Rio Celeste

The tubing tour consists of a navigation of more than 3 kilometers with an average duration of 1 hour 30 minutes.

Adventure Zipline Rio Celeste

Zipline adventure over Rio Celeste, consists of 7 cables, observation of Rio Celeste and sloths in the treetops

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Tubing & Zipline Rio Celeste

Adrenaline adventure in Rio Celeste for the whole family, tubing tour and zipline tour over Rio Celeste Costa Rica

Rio Celeste Hike from La Fortuna

The best tour of Rio Celeste from La Fortuna, 6 km guided walk in the Tenorio Volcano National Park

Full Day Waterfall Hike & Tubing

That has its nascent collaboration in the Tenorio National Park. During the tour you can enjoy unique landscapes

Sloth Watching Trail Rio Celeste

The best sloth trail near Rio Celeste in Bijagua, hike, wildlife, guided and self-guided tours

Visit Tenorio Volcano National Park

Is considered of great natural value in Costa Rica. The site has large areas of virgin forest, as human intrusion has been relatively minor. This has allowed the conservation of vital natural habitats for the preservation of endangered species, such as the tepezcuintle, the tapir and the puma.

We are located 20 minutes from the Tenorio National Park, of course you can take a guided walk with us, all the activities start at our location, Rio Celeste tubing and others. Our team of expert guides will show you the natural beauty, wildlife, beautiful views, unforgettable memories and the best waterfall in Costa Rica.

Important River Celeste Costa Rica

Many rivers and streams are born on the slopes of the Tenorio volcano, the most important being the Celeste River, which has notable tourist value, and the Chimurria River, which has great hydrological value. Visit us, it is the best Tubing in Rio Celeste Costa Rica, the best things to do, hiking and wildlife observation. Includes transportation from the end point of the activity and back to the starting point

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