Rio Celeste Tours

Uncover the most magnificent waterfalls in Costa Rica, a paradise for nature lovers. Dive into the heart of pristine rainforests, marvel at the majestic landscapes, and relax by the crystal-clear waters. Experience the awe of Mother Nature’s creations on our guided tours to the best waterfalls in Costa Rica

Horseback Riding & Tubing

Experience Rio Celeste beauty with tubing down gentle river currents and scenic horseback

Adventure Rio Celeste From Guanacaste

Embark on an Extraordinary Rio Celeste from Guanacaste Immerse yourself in the stunning

Adventure Zipline Rio Celeste

Zipline adventure over Rio Celeste, consists of 7 cables, observation of Rio Celeste

Sloth Trail Ticket and Guide

The best sloth trail near Rio Celeste in Bijagua, hike, wildlife, guided and

Rio Celeste Hike from La Fortuna

The best tour of Rio Celeste from La Fortuna, 6 km guided walk

Full Day Waterfall Hike & Tubing

Which has its nascent collaboration in the Tenorio Park. During the tour you

Aquatic Tubing Tour Rio Celeste

The tubing tour consists of a navigation of more than 3 kilometers with